MANSIM is currently a ship motion code but considered as a first step toward autonomous ships. The code is continuously developed to cover new aspects of ship motions and the final goal of this project is to serve "brains for ships". In its current state, its highlights are as follows: www.paywatches.net

  • contains a wide range of empirical relation from the literature.
  • benefits from the modular structure of the mathematical model: forces and moments from the ship or external disturbances can be discretely handled.
  • can present real-time ship motions in the horizontal plane.
  • offers flexibility to expand the code to marine guidance navigation and control.



-Design and selection of propulsion system of a ROV

-Mathematical investigation of a ship motions in regular waves

-Hydrodynamic and structural analyses of surface piercing platforms

-Investigation of ship hull form, propeller and rudder in terms of resistance

-Development of a numerical method for investigating the dynamic behaviour of a ship in heavy seas: A theoretical and experimental study