MANSIM is currently a ship motion code but considered as a first step toward autonomous ships. The code is continuously developed to cover new aspects of ship motions and the final goal of this project is to serve "brains for ships". In its current state, its highlights are as follows:

  • contains a wide range of empirical relation from the literature.
  • benefits from the modular structure of the mathematical model: forces and moments from the ship or external disturbances can be discretely handled.
  • can present real-time ship motions in the horizontal plane.
  • offers flexibility to expand the code to marine guidance navigation and control.

MANSIM v2.01

The latest version of MANSIM has been released.

Since its first release on August 2019, Maneuvering Simulation Laboratory (MANSIM) freeware code has reached many people across 11 different countries from all around the world. The first released version MANSIM v1.05 has attracted researchers working on ship motions and was downloaded by 14 different universities/institutes in a short time frame of 8 months. In the meanwhile, we developed the code to bring new features in MANSIM v2.01. These include four degree-of-freedom (4DOF) maneuvering models and basic control mechanisms for controlling ship motions.

What's new on MANSIM v2.01:

  • 4DOF MMG model.
  • 3DOF ABKOWITZ model.
  • Proportional-Derivative (PD) Control of ship motions in the horizontal plane.
  • A map selection option to select desired trajectory of ships for controlling.
  • Animation of controlled ship motions.
  • Adjustable animation speed and save animation options as .gif file.
  • Some minor design updates.
  • We hope you to have a pleasant experience with the new version of the code.

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    "Theoretical background and application of MANSIM for ship maneuvering simulations"

    Our recent study has been published in Ocean Engineering (July 2019).

    Read more


    "System-based prediction of maneuvering performance of twin-propeller and twin-rudder ship using a modular mathematical model"

    Our recent study has been published in Applied Ocean Research (January 2019).

    Read more

    Our Team

    MANSIM Lab has a small core team based in Istanbul Technical University, Turkey.

    We perform research on several aspects of ship maneuvering in terms of computational investigation and mathematical modelling. Our code is continuously developed to cover new aspects of ship maneuvering and the final aim of this journey is to achieve a practical simulation program for fully-autonomous ships.


    A selection of our current research topics can be found below:

    Research Topics

    • Ship Hydrodynamics

      - Ship Resistance

      - Self Propulsion


    • Ship Maneuvering

      - Mathematical Models for Ship Motions

      - External Disturbances During Maneuver

      - Guidance, Navigation and Control

    Publications & Projects

    You can take a look at our publications and projects.

    Journal Articles

    You may find our journal articles via link below:

    See all articles published

    You may find our on going and completed projects via links below:

    See all ongoing projects

    See all completed projects


    MANSIM v2.01

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